Zoe Tech TENS Unit – Relief for Symptoms

What is a TENS unit? When someone mentions TENS, many people immediately think of a machine that delivers electrical stimulation to ease discomfort painlessly. A TENS unit provides electric current to the muscles to reduce pain. A Zoe Tech TENS unit sends a low-level, stimulus-triggered electrical impulse directly to the nerve endings in the muscles to relieve muscle tension and provide temporary relief from pain. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

Zoe Tech TENS unitWhat are some types of TENS units? TENS is often used in medical situations such as pain and swelling management, chronic pain management, sports injury recovery, and temporary relief after accidents. A TENS machine can be worn like a bracelet on your arm or neck.

How do you use a TENS unit? One way to use a TENS machine is when you have chronic skin irritation. Skin irritation caused by chemicals (for example, cleaning solutions or perfumes) can be reduced with the regular use of a TENS device on the affected area. This kind of skin irritation often occurs when your skin is exposed to continuous contact with irritating chemicals (for example, if you wash your hands repeatedly or use detergent-based solid cleaning products). Using a Zoe Tech TENS unit on these areas can help you avoid this kind of skin irritation.

Another common condition that is relieved with using a TENS unit is pain associated with diseases such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Because TENS does not cause pain directly, it has been used to relieve the pain of these conditions because the stimulation pulses eliminate the pain signals from the brain. Doctors who specialize in treating these conditions recommend that you use a TENS machine when your doctor gives you a prescription for relief from pain. The frequency and intensity of the pulses are adjusted to your needs, and the device delivers a gentle electrical current.

When you first apply a Zoe Tech TENS unit, you may notice some redness or itching at the site of the electrical current. Over time, this redness will fade to a more normal colour. You should also see that the area feels less irritated or uncomfortable after you remove the electrodes. In most cases, you can leave the unit in your clothes all day without being bothered by any skin irritation. You may experience slight discomfort if you sleep over at night, but this will go away when you get up in the morning.

While TENS units are not usually considered a cure for chronic medical conditions, they can be used safely to relieve pain and other symptoms of pain and other ailments. To find out more about TENS treatment, you can speak with your doctor or a health care provider familiar with using these pads. They will be able to advise you whether a TENS pad is right for you.

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