The Necessity of a Land Survey

Whether you are into considering a construction project or needing to make upgrades to your property, a land survey is necessary. It is a legal requirement that helps protect the interests of a property owner. Land surveys are just one way that a surveyor defines land boundaries in a specific area.

Land surveys are especially important when the surveyor has no idea where exactly the boundaries of your property lie. If you were living in Australia and were given a parcel of land and told to build a house on it, would you be able to figure out how large your home would need to be? Of course not!

A land survey is just that – a survey of the land. A surveyor uses his knowledge of surveying principles and methods to map and label the boundary lines of the property properly. The surveyor is supposed to ensure that the surveyor does his job. If a surveyor doesn’t complete his or her job correctly, they could be held liable for the damages or injuries that could occur if the boundaries of the property were breached.

There is a variety of StateSurveys Surveyor Costs Adelaide. Some of the most common surveying services include:

A standard method of measuring the land is called the yardstick. The yardstick is an instrument that measures the distance between two points.

You can also find this measurement by standing at the property’s boundary and measuring the length of a yardstick, then measuring the distance from the yardstick to the property’s boundary line. Draw a line between the two points, using the yardstick as a guide. The distance between the first and second points would be the property’s perimeter.

The results of this measurement are a straight line, called a straight line. The nearest point to the straight line is the property’s perimeter. In cases where a property’s line can’t be drawn due to the terrain or time constraints, a charting of the property’s boundary can be created by drawing a line on the topography map.

Many property owners don’t realise the importance of having their property’s boundaries correctly marked. Depending on where the property borders, there may be problems with property lines. Some of these problems can include:

One of the most common issues that are avoided with a land survey is utility line encroachment. When a property owner considers locating a home or business next to an existing public utility line, they should be aware that they have an opportunity to avoid encroachment into their property.

While a land survey isn’t essential for every property, it is always a good idea to have the property’s boundaries adequately surveyed. Once a property is surveyed, the borders can’t be changed or altered without a government permit.

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