Square Baling Twine Advantages That You Need to Know

Square baling twine is increasingly becoming the most preferred option for farmers these days, and we can see the reason why. There was a time when livestock farmers and producers of hay relied heavily on synthetic products for baling. Back then, it was to be the most efficient and practical way. But things have changed recently, especially with the preference over producing small square balers.

SilageWrap Baling TwineMany Australian farms are finding a much better alternative in the form of sisal cord. The material is biodegradable and natural, which means it is safe for the livestock as well as the environment.

SilageWrap Baling Twine is one of the materials that represent the modern take on baling. It is the only material you will use if you choose to focus on something that is rot free. You want to use a reliable type of twine to address your growing need for square baling, and the one thing that separates twine from other materials is that it is durable and efficient at the same time. Furthermore, twine made from sisal cord is doubly better than conventional twine used in baling because it offers the following advantages:

1 – Durable

The one thing you can expect from square baling twine is that the material from which it is made is top quality. The truth is that modern varieties are 100% rot-free, so you don’t worry about the likelihood of your bales getting damaged or destroyed by external elements like the weather. It is why it’s not that surprising to see Australians choosing square baling twine these days after hearing it from others.

2 – Convenient and Quick

Another clear advantage you obtain from square baling twine is the fact that it guarantees efficiency for baling. While the durable quality makes sure that you have minimal breakage, the thing is that it also leads to improved efficiency since the baling process is less hindered. It also means that there are no distractions in the baling process. Hence, you relieve yourself of the stress of facing constant breakage when it comes to baling.

3 – Added Protection

There is no denying the durability and efficiency in SilageWrap Baling Twine, but one thing that most people do not realise is that it also provides added protection against breakdowns in storage and transportation. You need to protect your product from guaranteeing a reasonable yield even after extended storage. The added protection against breakage means you expect that there is minimal downtime, too.

4 – Environment-Friendly

Finally, the use of baling twine made from natural biodegradable and natural materials implies that you do your part in preserving the environment. Natural materials mean zero contamination, suggesting that your bales are safe for feeding. Be reminded that the effectiveness of the twine ensures that the nutritional value of the product remains.

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