The Advantages of Using Net Wrap Over Other Baling Tools – Discover More Here

We all love tradition. However, there are times when we have to embrace the new way of doing things to get the most benefit. Take net wraps, for example. It’s a particularly new product in the agricultural industry. However, it provides a lot more benefits than all the other baling products available right now. Here are some of the advantages that you will get from using net wraps over other baling tools. Discover more here!


Faster and More Efficient Baling Process

Since farmers are so used to baling twine, they tend to overlook the fact that net wraps offer faster and more efficient baling. With a net wrap, you will only have to turn two to three times before you can fully wrap an entire bale. Compare that to the time it takes to tie your bales using baling twine, and you can see what we mean. Plus, with the help of a baling machine, you can really shave the baling time even more. While twines are cheaper, the value that a net wrap offers is hard to pass. It can potentially improve the overall production time and help you produce more bales in the shortest period possible.



Significant Reduction in Spoilage

When you’re using net wraps for your round bales, it will automatically translate to lesser spoilage. Every batch of bale silage will always have spoils. A net wrap will make sure that it won’t be as severe as when you’re using other baling tools like baling twine. A net wrap full covers your bales, making sure that every part of it is wrapped in plastic film. That way, it’s sealed completely, locking all of the nutrients and establishing the ideal conditions for processing. At the end of the day, you will achieve better-quality forage with only two per cent of spoils. Discover more here.


Durable and Long-lasting Product

Net wraps are made from high-quality plastic and sisal materials. They ensure that the plastic film is flexible and durable at the same time. It also provides less breakage to avoid any compromises with your current batch of bale silage. These features are one of the reasons why a huge population of farmers are now transitioning to net wraps. They’ve come to realise the amazing benefits that it brings in terms of quality and durability.


Buy your Net Wraps Online

With the benefits of technology, you won’t have to go to the agricultural farm anymore to buy your net wraps. Now you can order online via our online store. Discover more here! You can also visit our blog page and check out our other articles.


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