The Reasons Why It’s Smart to Send Your Car to an Authorised Shop for Servicing

If you just recently bought a new or pre-owned vehicle, you must accept that part of your job as the new owner is to have it properly maintained so that the car will run efficiently and with no safety issues. No matter the model or type of car you selected, the fact is it is your responsibility to take it to an authorised service shop for routine maintenance and repair needs. Maintenance and repairs are things that you must cover if you want to extend your ownership of your car and eventually prolong its life.

You have the freedom to choose to go to any shop nearby or select a Mercedes Service Adelaide instead. If you opt for the latter, you anticipate the following perks:

You need to go to a certified and certified auto repair service centre since you expect the mechanics and service technicians to have gone through training in handling any maintenance and repair needs of your specific car model. Even if you have a good friend who happens to be a mechanic or auto repair specialist, you still cannot go to that person if he or she does not have the proficiency in dealing with Mercedes vehicles.



If you bought a new vehicle, going to an accredited shop indicates your service might be under manufacturer warranty. It holds that a lot of auto shops near you will offer third-party service warranty, but you should go to a shop with renowned services for Mercedes vehicles. It is no secret that some auto shops use lower costs for both parts and labour, it still does not beat the reality that if you go to the authorised service centre, you might not pay a single dollar because the car’s warranty is still in play. Some dealerships even offer free maintenance service for at least a year.

You cannot expect all local auto shops to be up to date with the latest trends in maintenance and repair. It makes good sense to go to an authorised shop like Mercedes Service Adelaide because you are positive that they keep tabs of the newest technology integration and innovations in car repair.



Sadly, local auto repair shops tend to become stagnant in embracing new technology. As a loyal customer to the authorised service centre, what you are getting is access to top-notch service, coupled with the integration of new technologies and innovations.

Finally, opting to go to an authorised auto shop means that you get access to genuine replacement parts as well as accessories. If you don’t want to undervalue your vehicle, you only will use original parts when it comes to replacement needs. You cannot settle for surplus or used parts, especially those belonging to the engine, transmission, and braking systems.