Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Artificial grass is a flat surface of synthetic fibres placed in the place of natural grass. It’s most frequently used on athletic fields where otherwise natural grass is normally or originally laid. But nowadays it’s also used in commercial and residential areas. There are various benefits of artificial grass for homeowners and business owners.

artificial-grass-gold-coastCompared to natural grass, artificial grass is more affordable. Also, since it’s a controlled environment, maintenance is much easier, and you don’t have to worry about weeds and pests. The main materials used are polyethylene fibres, nylon and polypropylene. Of these, the polyethylene fibres are the most popular because of their lower maintenance.

Maintenance of this turf type is less because there is no way for weeds to grow or spread. Also, the installation process is much faster and easy. You need only to plug it into the power source and then let it grow into a lush green lawn. Nowadays, installing this type of turf in artificial grass Gold Coast has also become less costly with the use of the latest technology, which is called thermofoil technology. Thermofoil artificial turf blades are made out of high-quality polyethylene fibres, which allows for a longer and sturdier installation.

Another advantage of using artificial turf over natural is that it doesn’t affect the soil’s pH level. Most artificial grasses are designed with a black top which helps retain moisture. Aside from that, artificial turf is also resistant to ozone and UV rays. So, you can be assured that no harmful rays will attack your turf. It is unlike real grass that gets damaged and ruined easily by ultraviolet rays.

On the downside, there are also few disadvantages in using synthetic grass, which you need to consider. The thatch layer found in regular sod is absent in synthetic grass, which means that it won’t provide the necessary traction required to keep your vehicle on the ground. Also, using synthetic grass requires regular watering. Suppose you live in an area where summers are hot, and winters are cold, this type of turf might not be ideal for you because it doesn’t keep your feet comfortable.

Artificial grass also does not offer as many benefits as other types of landscaping. Many people who have artificial turf as their choice of landscaping found out that their investment didn’t help them save money. They had to spend more money to maintain their lawns. Also, artificial turf is not very tolerant to different weather conditions, so you need to ensure that your lawn will stay resilient throughout the year. If you plan to replace your natural lawn with this type of lawn, you can always consult with artificial grass Gold Coast to see whether they provide a good selection of artificial grass products and lawn covers.

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