How to Buy Used Tools Without Being Ripped Off

A used tool is not a good deal if it ends up costing you more money to replace you en route. Here are some tips for buying used tools that are worth it.


Buying used tools, whether online or in garage sales, can be a great way to set up your shop at home. You can save a ton of money on Adelaide tools online services that still have many years of life. However, you can unknowingly buy someone else’s problem and regret your decision as soon as you use it.


Before buying used tools, you must evaluate your needs, set a budget, know the market and test the tools. By following these steps, you will reduce your risk of buying junk.


What Will You Need the Tool For?


Do you do carpentry, welding, 3D printing or something else? Just buy what you need at that time. It’s tempting to lose yourself in the ads and find exciting offers for tools you do not really need. Focus on what you plan to build and the best tools to get the job done.


Know Your Budget and Your Market


Before you start buying used tools, find out about the cost of the new tool. Some used tools in excellent condition lose only 20 to 30%, while others can be kept for a fraction of their cost. This value may vary depending on the age and state of the tools.


If the tool you are looking for is not in your budget, weigh the cost of using a smaller brand or replacement tool.


Manual vs Power Tools


Hand tools and other non-electrical tools can often be purchased without touching or testing them. Some hand tools, for example, come with a lifetime transferable warranty. If you encounter a problem, you can replace them with new ones. Manual steel tools are also easy to clean and restore. Rust removers can work wonders with an old set of pliers.



Power tools are another story, especially cordless devices. It is necessary to visually inspect all power tools to ensure they are working correctly and have been maintained at a sufficient level of safety. Cables and plugs must not be frayed. Blade guards and other safety equipment must be on the tool and intact.


When buying cordless tools, you need to know the seller’s date of purchase, usage, and why they want to sell. A visual inspection of the device and the battery is also essential.


Pay attention to corrosion and rust of the contacts. Thoroughly test the tool and make sure the charger is working. These will help you determine the life of the battery, which is the primary concern. Replacing batteries from Adelaide tools online services may be more expensive in some cases. It is also better to buy a cordless device on a battery platform that you already own. You will be more familiar with the batteries, and you will have spare parts.


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