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Scrapbook Of Secrets

RRP $15.99

Having traded in her career as a successful investigative journalist for the life of a stay-at-home mom in picturesque Cumberland Creek, Virginia, Annie can't help but feel that something's missing. But she finds solace in a local "crop circle" of scrapbookers united by chore-shy husbands, demanding children, and occasional fantasies of their former single lives. And when the quiet idyll of their small town is shattered by a young mother's suicide, they band together to find out what went wrong. . .

Annie resurrects her reporting skills and discovers that Maggie Rae was a closet scrapbooker who left behind more than a few secrets--and perhaps a few enemies. As they sift through Maggie Rae's mysteriously discarded scrapbooks, Annie and her "crop" sisters begin to suspect that her suicide may have been murder. It seems that something sinister is lurking beneath the town's beguilingly calm fa├žade--like a killer with unfinished business. . .

"A scrapbook of zany small town life with characters you'll want to visit again and again in each new novel." --Emilie Richards, author ofSunset Bridge

"Imagine the housewives of Wisteria Lane sipping tea, scrapbooking, and solving murders, and you have this gem of a debut." --Lois Winston, author ofAssault with a Deadly Glue Gun

"Intriguing characters, eerie happenings. . .kept me guessing 'til the end." --Clare O'Donohue

Includes tips and a glossary of terms for the modern scrapbooker!

Fast, Fun And Easy Scrapbook Quilts

RRP $55.99

Combine quilting with fun embellishments!

15 projects to inspire your own memories.

About the Author

Sue Astroth is a quilter, rubber stamper, and artist who enjoys combining her skills when she creates scrapbook quilts. She also teaches both paper and fabric art.

The Scrapbook Lecture

RRP $18.99

The Scrapbook Lecture... a collection of suspects, is a fact-based historical fiction novel that reads more like an adventure story than a history book. Still, a great deal of effort and research went into making sure that all the actual events portrayed in the past are as accurate as possible. Allow yourself the simple luxury of floating through time with a gifted raconteur as he chauffeurs your imagination through the intermingled storylines of history. The Scrapbook Lecture summarizes a half century of seemingly unrelated events, actions and politics with creative storytelling, and details a long list of people who should have been, or should be, suspects in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Step back from all the commotion that has been distracting people since November 22, 1963... sit in on a lecture and experience a portion of history that few have dared to venture.


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