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Color A Fantasy Adult Coloring Book

RRP $12.99

Enjoy an escape from the pressures of the "real" world by taking a relaxing moment to color. Come join the millions who are coloring for therapy and inspire your creative side! "Color A Fantasy" is an Adult Coloring Book series of fan favorites glimpsing into the stylistic talents of fantasy and surrealism artist Casey "Keyesay" Gilmore. Detailed and unique Dragons, Elves, Fauns, Druids, and other fantasy creatures await you in vol 1. 11 characters from her popular works well liked by her fans "Color A Fantasy" vol 1 will surely bring out the fantasy artist in yourself. 5 of the characters are also featured in her book "Fantasia" An Adult Coloring Book of Fantasy & Mythology. This is a great book to get started with her style and peek into her other books! Single sided pages will allow for coloring with markers, pens, pastels and pencils without damaging underlying designs. Extra blank pages between each design to do test colors and write down what colors you're using so that if you have to put the book down you can always know what colors you used for each drawing! Coloring difficulty ranging from beginner to intermediate coloring. Ages: Teen and up

Romanticism And Male Fantasy In Byron's Don Juan

RRP $340.00

"Don Juan, " Byron's best poem, is a sensational radical satire. It uses the legend of Don Juan to expose the male fantasies behind Romanticism and 19th-century public culture. Critics feared that the poem was a "manual for vice" and would corrupt society. Should England's best selling author have been censored? This book looks at how Europe's most famous literary celebrity shows his dark side in "Don Juan, " a canonical long poem and a pop culture masterpiece.

Pure Fantasy And Sci-fi

RRP $13.99

Sit back and enjoy 12 short stories by various authors that will carry you into the wondrous worlds of the paranormal, outer-space and fantasy.


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Fairy Angels Statues Fantasy
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Fairy Angels Statues Fantasy
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