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Creating A Wedding Scrapbook

A scrapbook of a wedding is different than a photo album of a wedding. I believe a photo album is to showcase the photos taken at the wedding. I believe a scrapbook of the wedding is to share the stor........ Read More

Creating A Bridal Shower Scrapbook

Your best friend from college is getting married. You’re the maid of honor. You’re thinking there is no way you’re going to get her a toaster or blender. Why not make her a bridal shower scrapbo........ Read More

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Layouts

Many people do not know where to start when they begin a scrap book project, so it is a good idea to look online for some fun Thanksgiving scrapbook layouts as well as layouts for other scrap book p........ Read More

Stuck On Scrapbooking? Host A Party

If you're stuck on scrapbooking, you have lots of company. More than 26 million Americans are snipping, trimming and gluing along with you. And why not? Scrapbooking is a great way of preserving cheri........ Read More

Tips For Making Good Use Of Your Scrapbook

Why do People Make Scrapbooks? Different people have different reasons for maintaining scrapbooks. At a very basic level, a scrapbook is a recording of important landmarks in your life. Besides th........ Read More

Scrapbooking Ideas And Getting Started

Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing craft activities. Everyone has photographs and bits and pieces of their lives that they would like to preserve. Scrapbooking is an excellent way to do this. ........ Read More

Scrapbook Ideas For Mothers Day

Here is the basic idea for any scrapbook, for Mother’s Day just add more personal stuff like memories that would special to her. Favorite photos, colors, flowers, a lock of hair, things that would ........ Read More

Scrapbooking Idea For Thanksgiving

The holidays are the perfect time to make scrapbook pages out of your memories and photos, so we know you are probably looking for scrapbooking idea for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a special time........ Read More

Font Free Scrapbooking Ideas

Font free scrapbooking is creating a scrapbook without the use of the computer. It is relatively easy to create a scrapbook page using downloaded again printed fonts, although it would be massed perso........ Read More

How To Save Money On Scrapbook Supplies

Scrapbooking is so much fun, that it’s very easy to rack up quite a bill when shopping. I know when my daughter and I visited the craft store last week, she was just mesmerized in the scrapbook aisl........ Read More

Scrapbook Albums And How To Construct One

Your honeymoon was delightful. You spent 11 days in Bora Bora, and now you'd like to capture those memories in one place. A friend suggested a scrapbook album, but you don't know how to construct a sc........ Read More

How To Create The Super Star Scrapbook Layout

Creating the individual pages of your scrapbook is true the most exciting about the hobby. You get to choose pictures, images, items again peculiar paraphernalia to station onto your page. However, di........ Read More

Thanksgiving Scrapbook

We always want to commemorate special days in our lives and a Thanksgiving scrapbook is a great way to remember this special time of the year. Scrap bookers have all sorts of different memory books........ Read More

Scrapbook Catalogs

When you input scrapbooking in a search engine, there are literally thousands of search results that will pop up, primarily because authentic has became a indubitable popular hobby. A beginner looking........ Read More

Scrapbooking Supplies – Wall Pockets Keep Them Tidy

Wall pockets for scrapbooking supplies could not be more perfect, as long as you have the wall space to hang them. Wall pockets for scrapbooking supplies turn your wall into a convenient storage area......... Read More


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